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Women of Aegis

Fierce. Strong. Confident. All of these words can be used to describe the women of Aegis Consulting, but what does it really mean to be one of these elite females?

According to them, being a woman of Aegis is more than being able to fight with a sword. It’s about feeling confident and comfortable with yourself, being happy and healthy, and having pride in your own competence! Don’t believe us? Here it is in their own words:

“I am surrounded by people I Trust (with a capital T). They are people I would gladly trust my life to, and who trust me to take care of myself unless I ask for help. (And who recognize when I'm being too stubborn to ask for help and gently remind me that I can do so!) I am competent, and don't need to be ‘rescued’ - which is good, because I generally don't want to be ‘rescued’.” – Karilyn Warsinski
“What I found in Aegis was a group of people who didn’t wait for me to provide proof – they simply assumed I could take care of myself, and it was up to me to live up to that assumption. I discovered that I was indeed capable, and I gained the skills to back up my new-found confidence.” – Hannah Davis

As highly as the women of the school rave about the consensus that striving for excellence in themselves is expected, there is one thing that continues to come up: the freedom to be a woman, a fighter, and a scholar all at once.

“One important thing that being a woman in Aegis meant to me: the freedom to be pretty in addition to smart and physically capable. It may sound weird. After all, part of beauty is determined by genetics, so some people don’t get a choice (I can hear the world’s smallest violin wailing in the distance). For geek women, especially of my generation, a choice has been presented: be smart or be pretty. This was a binary decision. No room for ‘check all that apply’. The Women of Aegis community is strong enough and the Men of Aegis community is supportive enough that I now feel like I can be pretty, and it’s not a betrayal of my decision to be smart.” – Anonymous
“I have never felt the need to be anyone other than who I truly am, to downplay my femininity or any other part of myself to fit in. The friends I have made within Aegis love me for who I am, and they don’t ask me to be anything but the best version of myself.” – Hannah Davis
“Aegis offered me many things. A community where I wasn’t singled out as the ‘Different’ one, a place where being both smart and sexy were not only accepted but encouraged. I learned skills for dealing with people as well as myself. I was able to cast away the outdated thinking that a lady had to be meek and passive. That having a spine and the will to stand up for yourself makes you more of a lady, not less of one.” – Josette Steele

Aegis Consulting is constantly striving to create an environment of learning and a community that supports all of its members in becoming the person they want to be. How do we do this? By understanding that while they are equally as capable, women and men are just not the same – and to training to fit all body types.

“The fact [is] that my center of gravity is lower than the average male's and I'm being taught how to take advantage of the fact that I have hips; biological differences in structure that affect how I'm best able to play. And the fact that Aegis actually teaches this instead of letting women flounder on our own until we figure it out, or worse, insist that we move as if we're men, makes Aegis one of a small, and in my opinion, elite group of martial arts organizations.” – Karilyn Warsinski