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Swordsmanship Classes

Basic Module
In basic swordsmanship, you start from the ground up. It all begins with standing, walking, and learning to hold your ground. You will learn to push your own boundaries by simply observing the world around you. You will be taught to use a shield safely to defend yourself without injuring yourself or your classmates, and then be taught how to build and wield a sword. You will increase your strength, flexibility, and stamina throughout this class, while learning the ancient and beautiful art of the sword.

Intermediate Module
After completing the basic module of the swordsmanship program, you are encouraged to stick around for the intermediate module. While basic gave you a glance at fighting, you now have the opportunity to deepen your understanding of swordsmanship and expand on the options available to you as a fighter. You will begin with dropping the shield to learn single sword in its various styles, followed by learning to utilize two swords, and knife fighting. During this module, you will begin developing your own fighting style, and begin learning how to operate as a team as opposed to an individual.

Advanced Module
At this point, what you've already learned is starting to become second nature. You can react without notice in almost any situation. Now it's time to become a thinking fighter. You will learn to observe patterns in your opponents’ movements, and learn to formulate a plan for victory. You'll learn more of the human anatomy, and how to assess any damage that has been taken in a fight—what you can fight through, and what you can't live with. This stage also allows you to become familiar with great weapons. These weapons include glaive, spear, great sword, and axe. You will then be introduced to using your shield as an offensive weapon and unarmed combat.

Lower Specialties
Congratulations, you've worked your way through the first three modules in the swordsmanship program offered by Aegis Consulting. You've spent at least eighteen months with the school, and are a competent and deadly opponent in any fight. At this level, you are able to pick two styles per semester to focus on. You will work in your own time, developing a deep understanding of your chosen specialties.

Upper Specialties
Upper specialties is an invitation-only module. It is the utmost honor that can bestowed upon the few who have earned it through consistent hard work and dedication. In this module, the rules are simple: you have the opportunity to learn anything you desire to work on. At this point, you have studied various styles of combat, battlefield tactics, advanced hand to hand, and become an expert fighter. You will continue to broaden your understanding of skills and their uses in your life outside of the fight.