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Survival Classes

This class is a great way to stay active and outdoors, while building your self-confidence by learning new skills. You will be taught many outdoor survival skills, such as how to dress for comfort in any weather, map reading, compass use, efficient movement over terrain, navigation in low or no visibility conditions, improvisation of basic navigational tools, and how to find your way without any navigational tools.

Building on the basic navigation and survival skills you learn in orienteering, woodsmanship offers a more in-depth look into surviving outdoors in relative comfort. You'll start by building a basic kit to allow you to stay warm, collect safe drinking water, and build a shelter. By the time you've finished this class, you'll be able to find food, administer first aid to yourself and others, tie basic knots, and stay safe and alive in any situation.

Primitive Woodsmanship
Beginning with the knowledge acrued in Basic Woodsmanship, Primitive woodsmanship begins you with a pocket knife, and asks you to rebuild civilization. Looking at neolithic survival techniques, we teach you to make fundamental tools that will allow you to survive indefinitely.