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Mission & Core Values

Mission Statement
Aegis Consulting, LLC strives to improve the lives and capabilities of our clients, employees, community and world through creating an environment of support based on a mutually understood and valued commitment to excellence.* Toward this goal, Aegis will offer services and products that support action in this pursuit.

* Aegis defines excellence as the active pursuit, through clear communication of goals, planning, process and follow-through of a standard of conduct, quality of product and nature of contribution that balances high quality, practicality, strong aesthetic conduct and positive contribution to our clients, employees, community and world.

As an active participant in the improvement of our community, Aegis Consulting, LLC serves our community members with the following order of priority:

  • Students
  • Employees
  • Community
  • World

Aegis Consulting, LLC leaves as little negative impact on our environment as possible. In addition, we respect history and age, and work to archive it even as we work to improve or replace it as necessary.

Our Core Values

Human Competence and Self-Respect.
All our offerings at their base encourage our clients' growth toward self-respect and confidence through increased competence. When people are repeatedly successful at achieving difficult goals, self-respect can only grow. This makes a positive contribution to all areas of life. By providing high levels of training and support in obtaining new skills and pointing out success whenever appropriate, we provide an environment rich in opportunity for improved capability and self-worth.

The Pursuit of Excellence
We strive always to move beyond “good enough”. There is room for improvement in all things and we believe in the value of consistently building on efforts and achievements, producing results that not only serve their purpose but do it in the best and most valuable way possible.

Contribution to Human Betterment
Aegis is dedicated to making a positive difference in as many lives as possible through teaching new skills and providing opportunities for growth. It is our hope and belief that the people we train and support will go on to enact positive change in the world and in others and so on, so that our contribution goes well beyond what we directly affect.