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Leadership Classes

Tactics and Command
In this course you will learn tactics for conflict management and resolution, while developing your own leadership skills. You will study thousands of years of compiled knowledge, and be given a six month introduction to the principles and philosophies of battlefield tactics. You will learn about your own leadership style and build your skills as you study the tools of command. You will study the writings of masters in the field of conflict, such as Sun Tzu, Musashi, Frontinus, and Hannibal; as well as modern psychology and negotiating tactics used in corporate America and the U.S. Army.

As a practical course in the study of organizations and processes, you will learn about the different styles of leadership. This class focuses on human interactions in organizations and different management processes in order to teach students best practices in how to get things done. It focuses on organizing teams to achieve goals and developing your own capacity for leadership, while gaining valuable insights into managing human interactions.

Operations Management
A follow up to management course, operations management will give you an in-depth look at the process of building an organization from the ground up. You will cover topics such as budgeting, marketing, and sales. You and your team will create a business plan from scratch, doing real research and surveying of all available tools, markets, and possible outcomes.

Philosophy of Violence
In this course we will sit, drink, and discuss the history and morality of violence in the human species. Looking at ancient battle histories as presented in moral and religious sources, rather than historical or military resources, we discuss and explore the simple question, why?

Beginning with simple elocution exercises designed to develop the muscles in and around the mouth and teach you to breathe properly, rhetoric is a class that will teach you how to speak, and how to speak well. Covered in this class are topics including common presentation styles in public speaking, logical structures in planned speeches, persuasive speaking, and the logic and psychology of public speaking. After this class, you will be able to use your increased speaking skills to your benefit, both personally and professionally.