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Sal Sanfratello, B.A., MBA
Aegis' founder and lead instructor, Sal Sanfratello, is a modern Renaissance man. He holds undergraduate degrees in International Relations and History from Purdue University and earned his MBA online from Phoenix University while working full-time as a project manager and managing and teaching classes at Aegis.

He has extensive military training courtesy of his high school years at Xavier Academy, and he is the latest of a very, very long line of Sicilian swordfighters trained in a style that is more than 1,000 years old.

Dan McKay
"I can honestly say I've been swordfighting longer than I've been driving." says Dan McKay, lead sword instructor. A specialist in the school's sword-and-dagger Florentino style, McKay has been a part of Aegis since the summer of 2012, entering into the school after having heard of it during a Live-Action Roleplaying Event and becoming intrigued. Holding an interest in swordsmanship since 2nd grade, McKay has diversified his skill set immensely since his initial introduction, utilizing skills gained in his classes to excel in job interviews as well as how to better read people through learning various teaching styles. McKay's engaging sense of humor and charisma are a regular sight, having come to the forefront over his years in the school.

Karilyn Warsinski
Originally introduced to the school in 2010 and formally joining in 2012, Karilyn Warsinski brings a perspective to being an instructor that very few others have had. Holding a personal background in education, with a smattering of martial arts experience and a great deal of focus on health and healing, Warsinski takes the role of nurturer, healer and guide among the school's instructors and students. "The joy comes from watching people discover themselves," Warsinski notes, "Who they are and who they want to be, helping them make the changes they want to make, and affirming that it is their choice to do so or not." Seeing the school first from a standpoint of teaching techniques followed by the influence of martial training, Karilyn enjoys keeping herself on the cutting edge of educational method and is a continual seeker of knowledge in both her field and her work with Aegis Consulting.

Morgan Stutler
Morgan Stutler first introduced himself to Aegis in 2010 at the Dearborn World Steam Expo, and began studying with the school during the summer of 2012 in Class Wayfarer. With a background in various skills from retail management to collections work to founding a local chapter of a global roleplaying organization, Morgan wields charisma and a warm, friendly presence to effect in his role as an instructor, a path of study he committed to in the early spring of 2014. "Aegis has had a commitment to pursuing what's best about you, and helping you both realize and encourage those traits." Stutler comments. "I'm proud of the strengths and unique abilities I bring to the table, and it's something I always enjoy helping other people see in themselves."