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History of the School

Aegis Consulting began as an IT service and training organization.

In other words, we're geeks. Geeks with swords.

From this beginning Aegis evolved from the vision of founder and pen-y-cat Sal Sanfratello, a native New Yorker who grew up in a swordfighting tradition that has been handed down in his family in Sicily for more than a thousand years.

In addition to his skills as a swordsman, Sal's training at the Xavier Academy, an elite military high school in NYC, has made him an expert in the hand-to-hand combat and wilderness survival techniques taught by the US Army.

Sal began developing his martial arts background into a martial arts academy specialising in self-improvement and leadership development with informal lessons on a lawn in Ypsilanti, Michigan, in 1996. Aegis Martial Arts Academy was formally launched as a school in 2003, and Sal and his instructors have trained roughly 100 swordfighters since.

Aegis Academy isn't “just” a martial arts academy because Sal Sanfratello isn't “just” a martial artist. In addition to his martial arts background and military training, Sal holds undergraduate degrees in International Relations and History from Purdue University and an MBA from Phoenix University. He has also continued his studies in areas ranging from wilderness survival to tactical leadership and management. As a result – and as a result of the many subject-matter-experts our school attracts – Aegis continues to expand both our formal and informal class offerings.

Aegis instructors and students have offered informal classes on ju-jitsu, cooking, sewing/costume assembly, and more.

Every single Aegis instructor has been personally trained and certified by Sal Sanfratello after undergoing more than 100 hours of instruction in how to teach that particular class.