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Frequently Asked Questions

Why swordfighting?
Swordsmanship is martial art with a long-standing history. Like any martial art, the Western swordsmanship we practice is a discipline that you can use for your personal growth and development while also having a lot of fun!

So you guys are fencers (LARPers, SCA, etc), right?
No. As a school, we practice historical combat style sword fighting. Specifically, we begin with Italian style sword and shield, progressing through various other weapons styles as you move up through the swordsmanship program.

But I don't carry a sword every day! How does studying sword fighting benefit me?
Swordsmanship is just the beginning of the martial arts classes offered by Aegis Consulting. We begin with Swordsmanship because it's a strong foundation for other practices, like hand-to-hand and knife fighting. When you study this, you donít just learn to fight with a sword Ė you also learn how to observe and respond to your environment so you can avoid dangerous situations, and how to be proactive when those situations do arise. Aegis Consulting students have used their skills to help out at the site of car accidents, build their professional careers, run major events, patch up injured students and others, and survive riptides.

Why do you teach wilderness survival skills, tactics and command, and classes like rhetoric at a martial arts academy?
The short answer is because itís a fun and effective way to learn other life enriching skills. While the information you gain in each individual class is beneficial on its own, all of the leadership and survival classes have a commonly overarching theme of communication, creativity, willpower, and confidence.

How old do I have to be to take Aegis classes?
Students as young as thirteen years of age are able to participate in any of the Aegis Consulting programs with consent of a parent or legal guardian.

Why does Aegis Consulting appear at various conventions around the country?
We demonstrate and present at various events because it gives us a chance to practice and perfect our event creation and management skills. It is a great way to introduce others to our school, and tell them about exciting opportunities, like our annual sword camp.

How can I schedule an Aegis appearance at my event?
Aegis Consulting is available for everything from a few days of convention-style programming, to smaller fighting demonstrations and self-defense seminars. Check out our Events page and contact us to discuss what we can bring to your event.