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What's Stopping You? Join us today!

Interested in the Art of the Sword?
You Are Invited to A Rare Treat -- Public Sessions of our Upper-Level Classes

Our Basic Swordsmanship class starts Sunday, Dec. 1.

But why wait? You -- yes, you! -- are invited to visit our upper level classes to see what we're all about!

Our Intermediate, Advanced, and Specialties students meet from 3-6 pm, at the Ann Arbor College of Martial Arts. This is your chance to watch proficient sword fighters as they perfect and hone their skills. Classes frequently include open fighting -- if you've enjoyed our demonstrations, you'll love this!

Drop by any Sunday from now until December 1. Be really nice, and we might even teach you a knife fighting trick or two...

Want to know more? Email management@aegisconsulting.org with any questions.

Aegis is a Western European martial arts academy with locations in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Davenport, Iowa.

That's the simple answer.

But Who Are We, Really? Aegis is a community of people committed to personal growth and the pursuit of excellence. Whether we're studying Western European Swordfighting, Wilderness Survival, or applying the study of Tactics to everyday conflicts, every Aegis instructor and student strives for the kind of super-competence and self-confidence that creates successful people.

Want to learn more? Email us today and we'll put you on our list to receive information about upcoming classes and events.

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